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American Jewelers Institute Jewelry Design School for todays Jeweler

  • American Jewelers Institute is a comprehensive school teaching jewelry making, repairs, diamond setting and gem stone setting, plus jewelry design and casting techniques.
  • Do you want to create your own designs? This program will teach what you need to know to become a bench jeweler in an intensive 16 week course.
  • Dreamed of opening your own business? Not only will you learn jewelry making secrets, we show you where and who to contact for jewelers supplies at wholesale levels.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our four month training program may be your answer to a rewarding career in the Industry!

Introduction to Jewelry Manufacturing


  • Most of our students come to us with little or no experience in the jewelry industry.
  • You will learn the theories behind jewelry making and their real world application.
  • Our curriculum enables you to receive hands-on training to develop your skills, becoming a part of the growing industry with a rich and wonderful history.
  • In just sixteen weeks, our program will train you to become a bench jeweler capable of creating your own jewelry.
  • You will design your own custom pieces for casting, clean and polish them, learn how to properly set stones, and make molds to duplicate your designs.
  • Casting precious metals is an ancient art form. Today the technology is highly advanced, requiring detailed knowledge of industry specific equipment and procedures, all of which are covered in AJI's training program.



How to Find Us


PO Box 225 Columbia City, OR 97018

Classes held in Portland




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Business Hours

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday

Four month training to become a Bench Jeweler

Learn to fabricate jewelry from flat and wire stock.

Create Jewelry using wax carving techniques.

Learn to cast your wax in precious metals.

Make silicone molds to duplicate your designs.

Learn stone setting techniques from master setter.

Soldering and welding techniques throughout the course.

Learn to do repairs on all forms of jewelry.

Basic stone identification and precautions for working with them. 

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